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27th June 2018
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27th November 2018
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The 7th edition of the IOMYC First Class 8 regatta was sponsored by Prosper2.

6 Boats made the startline this year, with 2 more left ashore, one in need of crew and the other an owner, so please, if you like what you see, give us a shout!

This event is one design keelboat racing on the island, all the boats are the same and therefore the difference is between the crew’s skills. 6 races held over 2 days in a tight time frame makes for some pretty tired people. By the end of the weekend, that’s certainly the noises the crew on our boat were making.

This year saw the addition of trackers provided by sailracer, which meant that not only could those who chose to, could watch but also, we could all as competitors, re-live the agony of each mistake over and over.

On to the racing! Mick Kneale was the race officer for which we are eternally grateful and from the first moment, his apparent desire for zero faff was clear. The schedule was relentless. No sooner had the last boat finished, the next warning signal was fired. Sandwich? What sandwich!

If you are hoping for a blow by blow race report, think again, ain’t nobody got time for that! So I’ll summarise with the biggest mistakes and notable performances.

Race 1. Biggest mistake goes to Penguin for crashing into ABBA Team Sweden. and having to do turns. Penguin won.

Race 2. Biggest mistake goes to Miss Herdygurdy for defiling the swedish flag and turning it into a 2 piece. worthy of mention was the sight of the whole of Lazybones’ keel. Penguin won.

Race 3. Biggest mistake goes to G8crasher for sailing a good race until the last leg and then giving 2nd away to come 6th, with no understanding as to how. Penguin won.

Then came the evening, beef bourginon and yards of ale. followed by headaches the next day. The evening was combined with the Junior section prize giving, which made the club feel like a true family atmosphere. Followed by music from Mike Catlow.

Race 4. It was jolly flipping windy! Biggest mistake, G8Crasher who decided that following Craig Whalley’s excellent video, they’d try and catch some herring. Penguin won.

Race 5. Biggest mistake the IOMYC First class 8 fleet. nobody had a clean race. Penguin won.

Race 6. Biggest mistake? Erm, I wasn’t there, but I’m a saying Reprob8 for letting second place slip and ending 4th. and in a shock turn of events. Lazy Bones won.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the sponsor and volunteers who facilitate the racing and make the shore side so much more comfortable!

and happy birthday to our stewardess.