Located on Lime Street in Port st Mary, the club’s headquarters offer a fully licenced bar, showers, changing facilities and spacious rooms for social functions or training.

The bar is open on Wednesday & Thursday from 8pm til 11pm, Friday 17pm til 9pm for members, visitors and guests, and on Sunday from 12 noon til 3pm. The Clubhouse is open during the bar opening hours and when a sailing event is in progress.

The Clubhouse has free wifi access, comfortable seating and amazing views of the bay, while a chairlift allows access to the first floor bar for those with limited mobility.

The bar and lounge is available for hire and can accommodate parties of up to 100 people. Contact bar@iomyc.com for more information, or complete the application form

Function Room Hire

Full Name:*
Date of Birth (if under 21):
Date of function:
Type of function:
Band Name:

The volume of any music must be kept to a level agreeable to the IOMYC.

There will be approximately (people attending, maximum of 100):
The hours requested are

Bar until midnight at the latest. Music not allowed after 11.30pm.
Written invitations must be issued to all persons attending (condition applied by the court).


An administration fee of £35.00 PLUS licensing fees as outlined below is applicable to all applications:

£25.00 for first two hours inclusive plus further hours at £20.00 per hour or any part of an hour.

I enclose a cheque made payable to the IOMYC for special licence for:


This will be returned should the application not be processed but is not refundable once the application has been submitted.

A deposit of £50.00 is also required to be held by the IOMYC to cover any:

  • Additional cleaning required over and above normal usage of the club premises

  • Any breakages of club property or equipment

Any breakages or damage to club property will be the responsibility of the applicant. The deposit will be refunded, once the club representative and the applicant agree the premises are being left in a fit state.

No drinks other than those purchased from the IOMYC may be consumed on the premises.

Accept the Terms and Conditions:*

or please print, sign and post

Signature: ................................................................................. (applicant)

Please submit online or print and post form a minimum of 21 days prior to the event to:

Bar Secretary,
Lime Street,
Port St Mary,
Isle of Man,