The 2018 Dinghy PNs can be viewed here

Club racing

Club dinghy racing generally takes place on a Friday evening (first race 7.30pm) and on Sunday mornings (first race 1030am) throughout the sailing season, April to September. For more information please contact the sailing@iomyc.com

The 2018 Sailing Programme including Club Regatta dates:

Date Club Event Start Time HW
Sat 31st March MSCC Easter Regatta 1030 1204
Fri 27th April IOMYC Dundas Cup 1 1930 2255
Sun 29th April IOMYC Murray Gawne Trophy 1 1030 1150
Fri 4th May IOMYC Dundas Cup 2 1930 1500
Sat 5th May IOMYC Laser Open 1430 1540
Sun 6th May IOMYC Laser Open 1030 1630
Fri 11th May IOMYC Dundas Cup 3 1930 2135
Sun 13th May IOMYC Murray Gawne Trophy 2 1030 1035
Fri 18th May IOMYC Thelma Trophy 1 1930 1425
Sat 19th May IOMYC Youth Championships 1400 1510
Sun 20th May IOMYC Youth Championships 1000 1610
Fri 25th May IOMYC Thelma Trophy 2 1930 2140
Sun 27th May IOMYC Murray Gawne Trophy 3 1030 1045
Fri 1st June IOMYC Thelma Trophy 3 1930 1400
Sun 10th June IOMYC Alice Cup 1 1030 0905
Fri 15th June IOMYC Peacock Trophy 1 1930 1320
Sun 17th June IOMYC Alice Cup 2 1030 1505
Fri 22nd June IOMYC Peacock Trophy 2 1930 2010
Sun 24th June IOMYC Alice Cup 3 1030 2200
Sat 30th June MSCC MSCC Regatta 1130 1340
Sun 1st July MSCC MSCC Regatta 1200 1415
Thurs 5th July IOMYC Yellow Peril Race 1700 1705
Sun 8th July IOMYC Peacock Trophy 3 1030 0725
Fri 13th July IOMYC Glenburn Cup 1 1930 1220
Sun 15th July IOMYC Bromet Trophy 1 1030 1400
Fri 20th July IOMYC Glenburn Cup 2 1930 1830
Sat 21st July IOMYC IOMYC Dinghy Regatta 1400 1930
Sun 22nd July IOMYC IOMYC Dinghy Regatta 1000 0755
Fri 27th July IOMYC Glenburn Cup 3 1930 1205
Sun 29th July IOMYC Bromet Trophy 2 1030 1320
Sat 11th Aug MSCC MSCC Green Cup 1000 1153
Sun 12th Aug Laxey SC Laxey Regatta TBA 1240
Sat 1st Sep MSCC IOM Dinghy Championships 1330 1555
Sun 2nd Sep MSCC IOM Dinghy Championships 1400 1645
Sun 9th Sep IOMYC Bromet Trophy 3 1030 1150
Sun 16th Sep IOMYC Barts Bash 1100 1655
Sun 23rd Sep IOMYC Qualtrough Cup 1 1030 1120
Sun 7th Oct IOMYC Qualtrough Cup 2 1030 1050
Sat 13th Oct MSCC Laser Open 1230 1445
Sun 14th Oct MSCC Laser Open 1330 1531
Sun 21st Oct IOMYC Qualtrough Cup 3 1030 1010
Sun 28th Oct IOMYC Qualtrough Cup 4 1030 1325


Dinghy sailing can be an enjoyably gentle experience as part of a pleasant day sail or for the more hardened adrenaline junkies, it can be an energetic and challenging affair.

Dinghies are small boats which you can sail on your own (single-handed), in a pair (double-handed), or with a group of friends depending on whether you enjoy the social aspect of sailing or you prefer the challenge of being in total control.

Getting started

Getting into dinghy sailing is relatively inexpensive and simple. The club maintains a fleet of boats that can be used by any member by prior arrangement.

The club will be running an an RYA Adult Stage 1 (start sailing) course over two Saturdays in May – for more information contact Sue Shute by emailing iomyctraining@gmail.com.

Supervised sailing

For those who wish to spend more time on the water to improve their skills, the club holds regular supervised sailing sessions that are open to all club members where instruction is available upon request and safety boat cover is provided. For more information contact sailing@iomyc.com.