July Update
2nd July 2020
IOMYC unveils newly refurbished club house
8th July 2020
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The Isle of Man Yacht Club was host to the IOM Keelboat championship at the weekend and competitors were treated to champagne sailing conditions varying between 8 and 16 knots of wind speed.If one benefit can be found in the global COVID-19 Pandemic, it is the success of ‘sea grass roots’ sailing. As our borders have been closed for some time now, the local sailing scene, having a captive audience, is thriving. Perhaps we had forgotten what quality has always been available to us, locally.A healthy entry of 13 boats ranging from the 2 person Flying fifteen to the Beneteau First 40 which could offer a viable alternative to some of the rugby teams who might be struggling for competition off Island, there was incredible diversity through the fleet. It was deemed that there were sufficient entries to hold two classes of racing. Class one would see short, fast actioned racing whilst class 2 would be allowed to stretch their legs a little further under white sail.On Saturday, the wind was from the west and coming over the Howe into Bay ny Carrickey. This made for some good tactical racing as the wind shifts were as large as 40 degrees at times. Newcomers to the fleet, Rob Cowell’s “Pop!” and Russell Collister’s “Baby J” set the early pace in class 1 showing that yacht design has moved on a bit in recent times The nimble Flying Fifteen of Michael Wilson was consistently the first bow over the start line with both helm and crew working hard to keep the boat flat.Meanwhile, there was plenty of drama elsewhere in the fleet with Lazy Bones making concerted efforts to collecting as much paint from the other boats on the water as possible. Evidently having decided that they didn’t want to play any longer, they deemed it appropriate to try and take the committee boat away with them. Scores on the doors after day one showed Pop! at the top from Baby J and Ffenella in 3rd.Sunday dawned and the breeze has increased in speed slightly but was from a more stable south westerly sector. 3 races for each class began to see a natural hierarchy form. Richard Baker racing Shellan in class 2 continued his previous days results in showing the fleet a clean pair of heels to power to victory on corrected time.Class one saw the same level of close racing as the day before, however, Baby J had the better day over Pop! Once the race officers had plugged the numbers into the results system, It was a close run affair with Russ and June Collister coming away with the win from Pop! by 4 points.Thanks must be given to all visiting boats that attended as well as the fabulous volunteers who made everything happen shore side in what can only be described as a re-invigorating moment for Manx yacht racing.