IOM Cruiser & Keelboat Championships 2020 – 11th & 12th July 2020

The Isle of Man Yacht Club was host to the IOM Keelboat championship at the weekend and competitors were treated to champagne sailing conditions varying between 8 and 16 knots of wind speed.
If one benefit can be found in the global COVID-19 Pandemic, it is the success of ‘sea grass roots’ sailing. As our borders have been closed for some time now, the local sailing scene, having a captive audience, is thriving. Perhaps we had forgotten what quality has always been available to us, locally.
A healthy entry of 13 boats ranging from the 2 person Flying fifteen to the Beneteau First 40 which could offer a viable alternative to some of the rugby teams who might be struggling for competition off Island, there was incredible diversity through the fleet. It was deemed that there were sufficient entries to hold two classes of racing. Class one would see short, fast actioned racing whilst class 2 would be allowed to stretch their legs a little further under white sail.
On Saturday, the wind was from the west and coming over the Howe into Bay ny Carrickey. This made for some good tactical racing as the wind shifts were as large as 40 degrees at times. Newcomers to the fleet, Rob Cowell’s “Pop!” and Russell Collister’s “Baby J” set the early pace in class 1 showing that yacht design has moved on a bit in recent times The nimble Flying Fifteen of Michael Wilson was consistently the first bow over the start line with both helm and crew working hard to keep the boat flat.
Meanwhile, there was plenty of drama elsewhere in the fleet with Lazy Bones making concerted efforts to collecting as much paint from the other boats on the water as possible. Evidently having decided that they didn’t want to play any longer, they deemed it appropriate to try and take the committee boat away with them. Scores on the doors after day one showed Pop! at the top from Baby J and Ffenella in 3rd.
Sunday dawned and the breeze has increased in speed slightly but was from a more stable south westerly sector. 3 races for each class began to see a natural hierarchy form. Richard Baker racing Shellan in class 2 continued his previous days results in showing the fleet a clean pair of heels to power to victory on corrected time.
Class one saw the same level of close racing as the day before, however, Baby J had the better day over Pop! Once the race officers had plugged the numbers into the results system, It was a close run affair with Russ and June Collister coming away with the win from Pop! by 4 points.
Thanks must be given to all visiting boats that attended as well as the fabulous volunteers who made everything happen shore side in what can only be described as a re-invigorating moment for Manx yacht racing.

Thursday 9th July 2020 – Glenburn 2

Last nights dinghy racing put paid to the run of light air Thursday evenings that we’ve had of late – oh boy, was it breezy! Whilst the forecast had been a lovely force 3 to 4, the localised effect of a NW’ly across the bay, easily made into a force 5 to 6. It was a full on, fast action session for the 20 competitors that took to the water.
Unfortunately a couple of boats experienced gear failure in the first race, and had to head for shore, but it was fabulous to see the rest skilfully handle their dinghies & 2 windsurfers around the S course. Fresh from their victory at the Ramsey Regatta, the National 18 sailed by Phil, Chris & Pete raced away to another win in Race 1, with Peter Cope in 2nd in his Aero 5 and Greg Kelly and Erin Murphy in the RS 200 in 3rd. Ben Batchelor would have given all 3 a run for their money, but suffered a rare capsize on his last gybe about 10m from the line.
By the time Race 2 started the wind was a consistent force 6+ which reduced the fleet to 11, but the 11 included a very gutsy Max Cope and James Gale sailing the RS Tera and a Pico respectively. The strong winds led to a number of capsizes and retirements, and ultimately a shortened race. 7 still stuck it out with Ben recovering his misfortune in race 1, to take the win with the Laser 2000 of John & Peter Harper in 2nd and Patrick Cope in 3rd.
No dinghy racing this Sunday as the Cruiser Championships are taking place, so the next racing will be Thursday 16th July

Thursday 2nd July  2020 – Glenburn 1

Great conditions last night for the first two races in the new Glenburn Series at IOMYC. Following the recent pattern for Thursdays, the wind initially looked light, blowing about 8 knots as the boats left the slip, but it picked up perfectly to 12 -15 knots as the racing got underway.
The fantastic turnout of 18 boats gave the racing a feel of a regatta event and created a very busy start line and a busy course with the 18 boats all vying for position.
David Scott was a very welcome newcomer adding a good bit of colour with the bright yellow sail of his RS Zest, along with Peter Curphey and Dave Batchelor sailing the new K2. The juniors were also out in force with Levi Baugh, Max & Daisy Cope all sailing RS Tera Sports and Robert Fenna & Lola pairing up a run out in the RS Feva. Richard Baker got a full work out, having decided to try out his 10.5m sail on his windsurfer!
The line discipline was good in Race 1 given the number of boats, with only the Wilson’s Flying 15 being pushed up ocs by Ffinlo in the Aero 9. It didn’t hold the 15 back, as they were able to quickly duck the line again and get up to racing speed again, eventually finishing 7th. As is now the norm, the big National 18 was somewhere on the horizon with the close quarters racing all going on in the pack behind. Flinlo’s Aero 9, Stu Brew’s D-Zero, the Wilson’s 15 and the K2 were all very close on the water. Greg Kelly & Ben Batchelor had an awesome run, planning their RS 200 all the way down the finishing straight to take a 6th place. The 2 Aero 5’s proved the best of bunch, Peter Cope taking 1st place and Teddy Dunn taking 2nd and squeezing the Nat 18 into 3rd.
As the wind became a little gusty, 4 boats opted to go back to the harbour before Race 2 started. The conditions spread the competitors out a little more across the course. John Dowling unfortunately had a capsize right next to the pin creating a challenging chicane style obstacle for the National 18 as it avoided 2 Tera’s and the upside down Gul. The Nat 18 was able to split the 2 Aero 5’s, this time Teddy Dunn taking 1st, Nat 18 in 2nd and Peter Cope in 3rd. Again, the K2, the D-Zero and the Aero 9 were only separated by a handful of seconds having enjoyed another very close race. Patrick Cope sailed a really good race and is getting to grips with his Aero 7 and Kieron & Nathan enjoyed some good downwind legs in the RS 400.
It’s off to Ramsey this weekend for the MS&CC Regatta and so next racing at PSM will be Thursday 9th July.

Thursday 25th June 2020

Thursday nights have proved consistently light over the last few weeks and yesterday was no exception. The Easterly breeze ranged between light and very light, and a world away from the huge blow that we had on Sunday.
The lack of wind didn’t stop the huge sail area of the National 18 powering up to take an early lead on the water, and eventually 1st place on handicap.
It was a gentle introduction for Jason & Debbie Corlett who ventured out in their Flying 15 for the first time and great to have Gary Proctor joining in, sailing with Michael in the other 15.
Ffinlo proved the most consistent, adding a 2nd place to his 1st from last week to win the Alice Series in the Aero 9.
Another great turnout of 10 boats, despite the light conditions, and particularly good to see Levi Baugh in the Tera Sport and the Reece’s Wayfarer out each week.
A new Series starts next week for the Glenburn Cup. Thursday 2nd July.

Sunday 21st June 2020

The breeze was on!
Sunday’s weather was at the high end of challenging, with 20 knots + blowing from the SW and some pretty big waves. Despite the conditions, it was another really good turnout, with 10 boats venturing out, and some pretty big grins on the competitors faces when they returned.
The first challenge was anchoring the Yellow Peril, a task that RO Michael Wilson had to repeat several times over to get her to hold station in the big sea that was running.
Once racing was underway, it was a case of ‘how fast do you want to go’. The National 18 completed the 1st lap in 5 mins 30, with Russ & June’s RS 400 and the big sailed Aero 9 helmed by Ffinlo close behind. Ben Batchelor claimed his dads Aero 7 had never gone so fast as he rounded only 18 seconds behind Ffinlo. Lap 2 got even faster, as the wind continued to build.
The 2 Aero 5’s of Peter Cope and Teddy Dunn were also making good progress around the course, along with the Caves in their Laser Stratos. Jason and Nathan were busy finding out that white sailing an RS 400 is more akin to dinghy wrestling than dinghy racing.
The gusts that came through on Laps 3 to 4 proved the undoing of the 2 RS 400’s and the National 18 almost simultaneously, the capsizes all ending their race prematurely. Ffinlo executed a spectacular pitchpole, but managed to right his boat to complete the course & finish in 4th. Ben won the boat handling prize of the day, not capsizing at all and taking line honours, ahead of a great sail by Peter in 2nd place and the Caves in a well earned 3rd. Cameron Blamey in his Laser 4.7 and the Laser 2000 opted not to race and used the harbour area for a really good practice session.
Back ashore, there were many stories to tell, but the smiles said it all. A big thanks to Mike & Helen for putting the race on and for sitting in a very lumpy Yellow Peril and to Levi Braugh for very ably helping with the hooters and flags. And a very big thanks to Rob Floate and Kieron Blamey whose skills in the patrol boat were a huge help to the fleet.

Thursday 19th June 2020

Great turnout, with 12 boats on the water for our first race of the new Summer Sailing programme, and although the rain did dampen the wind, it didn’t dampen the racing.
The new National 18 Ultra sailed by Phil, Chris & Pete was clear ahead on the water, but there was a lot of nip & tuck with the 4 Aero’s. Fflnlo Wright’s Aero 9 proved the boat of choice on the night for the light conditions taking 1st on handicap and just pipping Ben Batchelor by 2 seconds.
The 2 RS 200’s also proved closely matched, Greg Kelly & Anna Harding narrowly taking 6th place from Iain & Robert Fenna in 7th by only a handful of seconds. Although short courses are more challenging for the bigger boats like the National 18, they fininshed 4th and the Caves stealthily sailed their Laser Stratos into 5th. It was great to have some newcomers too – a Wayfarer sailed by Claire Reece and a Tera Sport sailed by Levi Braugh.
Next Race is Sunday 21st June – Start Time 10:30 am. Race Officers are Michael & Helen Wilson. Patrol boat is Robert Floate & crew.
Results can be viewed here

News from OZ

Isle of Man Yacht Club member Greg Kelly has spent our winter teaching sailing at a number of clubs in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, but he returned to racing with a bang this weekend at Black Rock Y.C. in Melbourne.  Competing in the Victoria State Championships he dominated the RS Aero class against some very experienced opposition.  In a boat kindly lent to him by the local RS representative, he won every race, but one (in which he was 2nd) out of a fleet of 20.  Disgarding a 2nd, gave him a clean sheet of bullets to win the class – great sailing Greg!

2018 RYA Youth Championship Report

Ben Batchelor & Maddie Wylie spent a week over the Easter holidays at the 2018 RYA Youth Championships.  The competition is open to Lasers, Nacra’s, 420’s and 29er’s.  The event saw the whole range of weather from light air’s to very breezy, testing competitors in all conditions.  After some middle range results at the beginning of the week, Ben & Maddie posted some good finishes of a 3rd, 10th, 17th & 9th, placing them 14th overall out of a 38 strong fleet.  Well done!


The 7th edition of the IOMYC First Class 8 regatta was sponsored by Prosper2.

6 Boats made the startline this year, with 2 more left ashore, one in need of crew and the other an owner, so please, if you like what you see, give us a shout!

This event is one design keelboat racing on the island, all the boats are the same and therefore the difference is between the crew’s skills. 6 races held over 2 days in a tight time frame makes for some pretty tired people. By the end of the weekend, that’s certainly the noises the crew on our boat were making.

This year saw the addition of trackers provided by sailracer, which meant that not only could those who chose to, could watch but also, we could all as competitors, re-live the agony of each mistake over and over.

On to the racing! Mick Kneale was the race officer for which we are eternally grateful and from the first moment, his apparent desire for zero faff was clear. The schedule was relentless. No sooner had the last boat finished, the next warning signal was fired. Sandwich? What sandwich!

If you are hoping for a blow by blow race report, think again, ain’t nobody got time for that! So I’ll summarise with the biggest mistakes and notable performances.

Race 1. Biggest mistake goes to Penguin for crashing into ABBA Team Sweden. and having to do turns. Penguin won.

Race 2. Biggest mistake goes to Miss Herdygurdy for defiling the swedish flag and turning it into a 2 piece. worthy of mention was the sight of the whole of Lazybones’ keel. Penguin won.

Race 3. Biggest mistake goes to G8crasher for sailing a good race until the last leg and then giving 2nd away to come 6th, with no understanding as to how. Penguin won.

Then came the evening, beef bourginon and yards of ale. followed by headaches the next day. The evening was combined with the Junior section prize giving, which made the club feel like a true family atmosphere. Followed by music from Mike Catlow.

Race 4. It was jolly flipping windy! Biggest mistake, G8Crasher who decided that following Craig Whalley’s excellent video, they’d try and catch some herring. Penguin won.

Race 5. Biggest mistake the IOMYC First class 8 fleet. nobody had a clean race. Penguin won.

Race 6. Biggest mistake? Erm, I wasn’t there, but I’m a saying Reprob8 for letting second place slip and ending 4th. and in a shock turn of events. Lazy Bones won.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the sponsor and volunteers who facilitate the racing and make the shore side so much more comfortable!

and happy birthday to our stewardess.